Sales Promotion for M1-M8

To help you speed up your game progress and become much stronger in galaxy, some other items are on sales this week. Only one week. Don’t miss it!


Sales Promotion time

Start time: 00:00 am(Server Time), August 21
End  time: 23:30 pm(Server Time), August 26

Check the following table for details:


Item Original Price Discount Price Discount
Master Architect’s Blueprints 50 Diamonds 40 Diamonds 20% off
Green Decoder 5 Diamonds 3 Diamonds 40% off
Exp Potion 20 Diamonds 14 Diamonds 30% off
Beamdrill III 40 Diamonds 24 Diamonds 40% off
Mining Ship III 40 Diamonds 24 Diamonds 40% off
Royal Package 50 Diamonds 35 Diamonds 30% off

7 Responses to Sales Promotion for M1-M8

  1. Karvum says:

    YES! MAs on sale! Thank you JF!

  2. lycanlord says:

    Rip Off!

  3. armageddon says:

    Yes Karvum MA’s on sale but come on 10 diamonds off I wonder how many gullible people will buy them, I don’t know why they cant put a real sale on them like every thing else 30/40% off.

    Come on joy fort STOP being greedy and think of your gamers little and often makes a better progress and makes a more profit.

  4. EddieT. says:

    It is always only 10 diamonds off. if and when they put them on sale.

  5. lycanlord says:

    For what diamonds cost and how hard they are to get, MA’s should cost about 6 – 10 diamonds!

  6. Necrophile says:

    JOYFORT, after having shot yourselves in the foot time and again so that no one buys from you, I think you need to permanently lower the price of MA’s to 25 diamonds ! this will lead to MANY more players buying diamonds because they can actualy get somewhere in the game without taking all/or most of thier money ! basic business: more for your money = more overall sales !

  7. lycanlord says:

    I like how JF has removed my post’s in effort to cover up their lack of answering user Request. LOOSERS!

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