Sales Promotion for M1-M8

To help you speed up your game progress and become much stronger in galaxy, some other items are on sales this week. Only one week. Don’t miss it!


Sales Promotion time

Start time: 00:00 am(Server Time),  28 August

End time: 23:30 pm(Server Time),   3 September

Check the following table for details:

Item Original Price Discount Price Discount
Control Skill Specialization Manual 50 Diamonds 35 Diamonds 30% off
Exp Potion 20 Diamonds 14 Diamonds 30% off
Blue Decoder 20 Diamonds 12 Diamonds 40% off
Beamdrill III 40 Diamonds 24 Diamonds 40% off
Mining Ship III 40 Diamonds 24 Diamonds 40% off
Royal Package 50 Diamonds 35 Diamonds 30% off
Green Decoder 5 Diamonds 3 Diamonds 40% off

23 Responses to Sales Promotion for M1-M8

  1. Karvum says:

    No MAs on sale this week but control skills and exp potions are a pretty good second.
    Maybe MAs next week? Much appreciated.

    • Michael Hill says:

      LOL i buy mammoth BP when I can but joyfort has really pissed me off today…
      I cant login to game…
      My name is KillAllOthers BTW

  2. Charles says:

    I would like the stat reset potion to go on sale. And the purple decoder. I have not seen either of these on sale in over a year of me checking.

    • gravity says:


      theres nothing that great in purple decoders since they took out the gulman pink junk, certainly isn’t worth buying that’s a fact. whole game is now such a bombsite as far as drops go its just laughable. No one on my server bothers to spend anymore because they price themselves out of the market then stuff with item drops… freaking lame ass game… go find a fun game.

  3. Colin Sparkes says:

    how doI buy it

  4. lycanlord says:

    Even on sale its still a rip off!

    • Cypry says:

      agree with lycanlord: discount to rip off=a smaller rip off?:)))
      how about 50-60-70% discount? that sounds better.

  5. Cypry says:

    End time: 23:59 pm(Server Time), 30 April

    NOw we are on 02 may !!! update? new promotion????

    • Keith says:

      They don’t care about this game or its players anymore. The main reason why I will not play any other game that JF creates, they don’t seem to give a crap about the ppl who support the game.

    • tedjo says:

      nothing new

  6. Tizmat says:

    Thanks JF you were listening this time!


  7. "Kent Allard" says:

    Instead of a random sale, how about package deals? Something like 30% off on MA, or Experience potions, when you buy a 6-pack? Keep that going year round, so that people don’t miss a sale…

  8. lycanlord says:

    Diamonds are to hard to get and cost way to much money!

  9. lycanlord says:

    Jesus Christ! Trying to find info on doomsday and the last comment was left over a year ago. They never fixed it, or the one problem mentioned two years ago. These guys are either extremely lazy, or just plain Dumb!

  10. lad wilson says:

    how about a major sale on diamonds that is what is really needed along with the bonus offered 25%,50% would be great

  11. "Kent Allard" says:

    Here, let me be the first to post a NEW comment! ;) Ye Gods, people, clean up the thread, will you? People asking (in March!) for MA Blueprints, when they were (kind of) on sale LAST Week? And, of course, lycanlord’s incessant whining about how everything should be 99.9999% off, just because he’s a cheapskate, gets a little old, even when the comment ISN’T months old! Yes, the price structure is warped. No, you shouldn’t have to buy so many MA Blueprints in the first place, and JF would not only sell a LOT more of them at a more reasonable price, they’d have a lot more interest in the game if they did! But it seems like they’re not going to make any changes at this stage in the game, and the fact that they’ve started a whole NEW game of the same exact type does NOT bode well…

  12. "Kent Allard" says:

    Obviously, lycanlord, your sweet talk and smooth tongue have failed to win over anyone at Joyfort… And you’re always so very polite! ;)
    I agree with you that the usual not-much off, not-very often sales on MA BP is entirely underwhelming. I think the AMOUNT by which it’s off isn’t so great as you seem to think it is, and I think the WAY you complain about it (often, bitterly, and with immense vulgarity) is self-defeating… If I were reading one of your missives about MY company, I’d pretty much swear to pull the plug rather than have to deal with your excrement one moment more! On the other hand, a somewhat larger discount, offered more frequently (such as the package deal I mentioned previously) might have the combined advantage of selling more product, saving people some money over the usual inflated prices (even on sale), and increase interest in the game… Which do YOU think is more likely to merit consideration by the “crayon eating, window licking fucktards” that we’re trying to influence?

  13. Necrophile says:

    I wonder if i like this game for the game play or just that my perversion knows joyfort killed the game with stupid prices and no forethough as to what to do with way too many flag blueprints in assets !

  14. Rhonin says:

    Why no double pvp event? :(

  15. "Kent Allard" says:

    Rhonin, perhaps because many of us were complaining that the double PvP events were spaced too closely together…
    Necrophile, I’m pretty sure it’s the game play.
    The operative word to describe my feelings on the other matters comes much closer to ‘hate’, loathe’, or, perhaps, ‘detest’! ;)

  16. lycanlord says:

    Same old crap sale. Stinks as much as a tampon basket!

  17. lycanlord says:

    Well on that note maybe not, the tampons would at least get a sniff.

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