In order to create a more positive gaming atmosphere, we will perform server merging for S23-Grus and S24-Hercules at 00:00, February 20, 2014. S23&S24 will be merged into M8-Caelum. The servers may be down for several hours.


Merging Rules:

1. Character names will be changed to “name_server”, e,g. Blackhole_S23. The name of the commander will remain unchanged.

2. Players with characters on more than one server will be able to play the characters separately and simultaneously. (Choose at the server list.)

3.The new server name will be shown in game and on the payment page.

4. All planets, fortresses and the Central Space City will have their occupation status reset. The NPC fleets will respawn. Player fleets and motherships will be moved back to their Home Star System.

5.The existing modules on motherships will remain unchanged, and the existing production sequences will continue to finish. However you will have to seize new planets to activate functions of your motherships.

6.The terraformation progress of a planets will remain unchanged. If a planet was occupied in more than one server, the terraformation progress will inherit from the one with the most advanced progress. e,g. Player A on S23 had a planet (50% in Terraforming); Player B on S24 had the same planet (20% in Infrastructure), the planet will inherit from the planet of player B after merging.

7. All commanders will be unequipped and the items will be sent back to assets.

8. The mothership of your Home Star System will remain unchanged.

9. The characters of players who have not logged in game for 2 months AND have not bought any diamonds AND have no commander with level 30 or higher will be deleted to optimize the data base.


Q: What will happen to my spaceships on my seized planets when the data are copied?
A: They will be packed up with the mothership and sent home. You can use them again after the mothership is deployed.

Q: How can I make sure the terraformation progress remain unchanged after the merge?
A: The terraformation on your Home Star will not be changed. As for the colonized planets, keep the population at cap, the planet will be unchanged or will likely inherit from a planet with a more advanced terraformation progress.

Q: I haven’t bought any diamonds or logged in the game for the last 3 months, and i dont have any commander with level 30 or higher will my character be deleted?
A: Yes, it will. However you can log in the game before the merger so that your character will be kept.

7 Responses to SERVER MERGE S23&S24

  1. Michael Hill says:

    I am leader of KillerKoalas and see no comment as to how this affects Alliances….
    So explain!!
    Also I am unclear re planets
    I have 3 close to finishing colonisation era but you say planets reset?
    Do I have to retake the ones I previously owned?

  2. No body says:

    So, you tolerate multi-accounting that way?
    How come a person with accounts on both servers use his both creations at once???
    That is ridiculous and makes the game out of control…

  3. Karvum says:

    Finally! Thank you JF. S23 has been needing this for a long, long time.

  4. No says:

    how about some M mergers

  5. Lucifer says:

    Great news about a server merge because quite frankly the server S23 is dead,, that is due to you opening too many servers, so Fail on the part of joyfort,,
    Very disappointed in the fact you are not bothering with an ISW.
    So, if you ever merge the M servers M8 will be hugely disadvantaged..

    Again Fail,, Please rethink.

  6. kiot says:

    ¨whats the plan on alliances?

  7. Michael Hill says:

    Just a thought..
    Joyfort would you mind putting a countdown of time til merge on both server windows?
    Easier to work out time then cos 18th here but you still 17th there!!


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