Sales Promotion for M1-S24

To help you speed up your game progress and become much stronger in galaxy, some other items are on sales this week. Only one week. Don’t miss it!

Sales Promotion (2)

Sales Promotion time

Start time: 00:00 am(Server Time), January 9
End time: 23:59 pm(Server Time), January 15

Check the following table for details:

Item Original Price Discount Price Discount
Artificial Wormhole 20 Diamonds 14 Diamonds 30% off
Titan Armor Blueprint 10 Diamonds 7 Diamonds 30% off
Titan Structural Blueprint 10 Diamonds 7 Diamonds 30% off
Titan Firepower Blueprint 10 Diamonds 7 Diamonds 30% off
Titan Propulsion Blueprint 10 Diamonds 7 Diamonds 30% off
Skill Point Reset Potion 10 Diamonds 6 Diamonds 40% off
Protein Pill 30 Diamonds 21 Diamonds 30% off

3 Responses to Sales Promotion for M1-S24

  1. No says:

    Still not a merge…such a shame…

  2. James Bond says:

    well, if you cant make titans there’s only 3 item on sale.

    wormholes, no one really use these, so no reason to buy them, infact would be better to remove them and revert to quicker travel times for all = more death more often. this = more resource expenditure so replace with resource packs for diamonds again. joyfort to stuck in slow down / speed up mode.

    protein pill if you been playing long enough you’ll have a few hundred spare.

    leaving 1 item of any worth this week the skill point reset potion.
    if you been around long enough blow spending diamonds you’ll have a cache of skill refresh potions. just keep using them till you get back what you replaced. with points returned = no cost in diamonds…

    leaving zilch of any relevance to buy stuff from mall.

    “to offer a better gaming experience” would be to speed up game play to revert to earlier items, especially the lower enhancement chip, such an unwise decision to remove this #1 selling item.

    Please encourage player fan base rebuild, we hope you appreciate our patience while the players wait for Joyfort to realize the obvious.

  3. Lycanlord says:

    The flagship skill shield reeds, increases the shield for each stack of ships by 5000. But actually increases it by 2000. Please fix.

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