Sales Promotion for M1-S24

To help you speed up your game progress and become much stronger in galaxy, some other items are on sales this week. Only one week. Don’t miss it!


Sales Promotion time

Start time: 00:00 am(Server Time), January 2
End time: 23:59 pm(Server Time), January 8

Check the following table for details:

Item Original Price Discount Price Discount
Control Skill
Specialization Manual
50 Diamonds 35 Diamonds 30% off
Exp Potion 20 Diamonds 14 Diamonds 30% off
Blue Decoder 20 Diamonds 12 Diamonds 40% off
Beamdrill III 40 Diamonds 24 Diamonds 40% off
Mining Ship III 40 Diamonds 24 Diamonds 40% off
Royal Package 50 Diamonds 35 Diamonds 30% off
Green Recoder 5 Diamonds 3 Diamonds 40% off

3 Responses to Sales Promotion for M1-S24

  1. RandomBeard says:

    I really want a Green Recoder… What ever one of thoose is.

    Can we have double PVP week again please.

  2. No says:

    Still not a merge…such a shame…

  3. still playing says:

    Or have the titan blueprint box droprate back to what it used to be. But I take No will be the answer since what I seen JF policy has been to make the game more difficult and longer. Without adding the extra that would make the game more fun for those that played the game a bit longer.

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