PvP Servers Shutdown Notice

Greetings, commanders! It has been a long time since PvP servers opened.


Now we feel very sorry to tell you that PvP servers (including Legend Server) will be shut down at 2014-2-25 00:00 am (server time) due to various reasons. Please prepare for it. We suggest you play Light of Nova or Deep Space Fleet which have the similar theme and features with PvP servers from Facebook.

Players whose player level is above Lv.3 on PvP servers will get corresponding diamonds after he/she creates a new character on Light of Nova or Deep Space Fleet after the shutdown of PvP servers. Check the following rules:

Compensation diamonds= 50%* total purchased diamonds on PvP servers + extra 200 diamonds

After PvP servers are closed, please tell us server name,in-game name of PvP servers you played, the total diamonds you have purchased on these servers and the server name, in-game name on Light of Nova or Deep Space Fleet after you create a new character there.

For example:

Server name: Legend Server     Rolename: tory       Total purchased diamonds: 200 diamonds

New server name: DSF-S1     Rolename: tory2

You may send email to cs@joyfort.com.  After we receive your email, we will add diamonds to your new account.

Note: Compensation diamonds can only be added to your new character created after the shutdown of PvP servers.

Thanks very much for the continued support of PvP servers!

11 Responses to PvP Servers Shutdown Notice

  1. RandomBeard says:

    Dam… i thought i get free diamonds on a current account. I wont be opening up a new account unless you get rid of core tech.

  2. No says:

    Greetings, Joyfort! It has been a long time since a merge.

  3. david brunelle says:

    PLEASE increase the drop rate for radioactive elements. even 1% would help. The drop rate is so bad it takes FOREVER to get a nuke. New players are quitting because it takes so long to get a planet or a decent FS. what good is opening servers if you can,t keep players.

  4. Damiam says:

    Of course, I’ll just start all over again on another Server. Yeah right! I’m gone from the game entirely… Bye JoyF**k !

  5. Guest says:

    you have a wonderful game joyfort, please listen to your fans about coretech and merges happy holidays :)

  6. SNIPERMAN says:

    no compensation for all the time building up my base thanks a lot.

  7. William Peterson says:

    David, have you checked the Secret Market? I find Radioactive Materials there every day, usually several per day! Drop rate on them may not be good, but you should be able to buy them with Nova Coins… Sniperman, I find the compensation to be bizarre enough, as it is. Since the time and effort you put into building up your base was supposed to be the part of the game you’re paying for, I’m not sure what compensation you expect for having had fun… ;)

  8. hellsgate says:

    how about an inter server war every few months to keep people interested

  9. doesnt matter says:

    so you find out you cant keep the activity anymore… So what do you do. You shut down the servers people have played on and spent money that he/she WORKED for all the while sitting on your butts collecting a paycheck trying to further figure out what can we get these idiots to pay for next. While i enjoyed Light of Nova and tried your LAME failure to start over on Facebook with Deep Space Fleet.. you have proven to us players( spenders and free players alike) that you have no interest in a quality game anymore just how much of our hard earned money you can steal from us. You will NEVER get another penny from me. Enjoy your failure as you do not listen to the players anymore and only care about the money you can get while if you had kept the attention to the players you did when I first started playing Joyfort games you couldve mafe much more with simple quality.

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